Tuesday Tricks: Organizing


April 10, 2012 by k. liz

Hey everybody!

So, today, rather than giving a trick that I’ve been using, I am curious as to some of your tricks. I’ve been thinking about organizing recently – must be spring fever or something, and I have been working on organizing my closet tonight. I’ve also been needing some better organizational tools for my master’s classes and such . . . so, I thought I would ask you – what are your favorite tricks for keeping your teaching life organized. It can be anything from papers to activities to personal development on twitter!!

I will share one of my own . . . and one that I really like. This year I started using this method as I was working on my master’s and life in general here in Turkey. Here’s a snapshot of what my week looks like (this is from last fall). I use this page to keep track of my to-do lists for all of my classes, any random thoughts that pop up, blog ideas, inspirational quotes, etc. I like it, because I can look back and get an idea of what was going on. It is my own weird kind of journal. And you’ll notice that I really enjoy an eclectic style, and crossing things off is a big deal! This has been my organizational life-saver this year.



Leave a comment below with your favorite organizational tools!


One thought on “Tuesday Tricks: Organizing

  1. T Bestwick says:

    Last year I was teaching an FCE preparation class and as the students didn’t use a book, I was taking materials from various different coursebooks and exam preparation books. I found that I had a mound of papers with no discernible order, so I divided them into the five different sections of the exam and put them into folders. Then (here’s the really geeky part), I made an index of what topic they covered so that in the future when I teach this type of class again, if I want to do an open-cloze activity about sport, I can look it up in my index and, as they say in the UK, Bob’s your uncle!

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