Please Vote!!


May 2, 2012 by k. liz

Okay, so I am in my six month rearrange itch right now, and I’m playing with themes. I can’t tell if I am sentimentally attached to my previous one or not, but I was playing around with A LOT of themes, and I can’t make a decision! So, I am asking for your help. Which theme would you most like to see utilized on this blog? I want it to be user-friendly, so comment below with your favorite theme.

You can choose the one that is currently on here – SPLENDIO (I am kinda liking this one so far) or any of those listed below. Just leave the name of your favorite in the comments below, and I’ll try to make a final decision!!

chaotic soul


fresh and clean

elegant grunge


2 thoughts on “Please Vote!!

  1. Ted Barker says:

    Candidly, any of them are effective — what I thought when I saw the version with the hand-written script was that it conveyed a more “personal” [signatory] impression when you saw it. The other’s are clear. I rated the darker one least- to me it just didn’t come across as well.

    Enjoy the day!


    • k. liz says:

      Thank you for the input!! I’m debating still between whether I’m going for a personal or professional feel. But, I will definitely stay away from the darker one!!

      Thanks for the input!!

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