Thursday Scholar: Guest Post on the Rewards of Teaching

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May 3, 2012 by k. liz

Enjoy a Rewarding Career in Teaching

Author’s Bio: I am Noemi Concepcion and currently working for ITN Mark. I just want to share and emphasize the importance of teaching as a profession. We all need education for continuous learning and to attain knowledge.

There can be few vocations that can claim to be as rewarding – personally and professionally – as teaching. For the right person a career as a teacher or teaching assistant is a very fulfilling role, not only in terms of prospects and development opportunities but also financially. Teaching jobs and roles for teaching assistants are in constant demand which means being out of work is never likely to become a factor, something which cannot be said for other employment sectors. Let’s take a look at some of the numerous benefits that come with teaching.

Benefits of teaching

To be a teacher requires passion and dedication and while there are likely to be challenging times, as there is with any job, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Probably the biggest benefit of all is the difference that a teacher can make to their pupils. There can be no more rewarding experience in teaching than seeing a child reach their full potential and recognise their dreams, thanks to the lessons learned from you. Even on the tougher days at school, you will leave having experienced some positives, whether it is a compliment from a pupil or an idea that sets a struggling student on the right path. Teaching also affords you to see life from the perspective of children and in-turn share with them some of your own passions. Aside from the relationship a teacher develops with pupils, there are also benefits outside of the classroom, the work schedule being one of those.

While there maybe a few long days here and there with time spent organising classrooms or marking homework, on the whole, teaching and teaching assistant jobs provide an excellent work/life balance. Teachers are afforded a large proportion of the 13 weeks holiday received by pupils each year. Days are also shorter than other occupations whereby 12 hours days are becoming the norm. A job as a teacher will also provide you with financial rewards, with a qualified teacher starting on £21,000 and a level 3 teaching assistant able to earn in excess of £14,000.

How to get into teaching?

Teaching jobs are plentiful but will require 3-5 years of training with undergraduate, post-graduate and employment-based teacher training available. To begin training towards becoming a teacher, a GCSE grade C or above in maths and English as-well as Science for primary and key stages will be basic requirements. A minimum of two A-levels will be needed for full or part-time university study, where you will work towards a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and a BSc (Bachelor of Science) as-well as a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Becoming an ITN Mark teaching assistant does not require any specific qualification for course entry and levels 1, 2 and 3 can be studied at college, generally at part-time night classes. Placement in a school will also be required as part of training.

Getting a job

Upon receiving your newly qualified status as a teacher, the next task is then to find a job in a school. It is recommended to sign-up with an education recruitment specialist. Such companies are designed to provide the best service to both the candidates and the clients and provide the support needed to find the teaching jobs related to your qualifications and experience, giving you the best chance of landing the perfect role.


Thank you Noemi for the great post!

This is a guest post. Please keep in mind that while I am posting this on my blog, it does not necessarily reflect my positions or beliefs 100%. If you are interested in guest posting on my blog, please contact me at klizbarker(at)yahoo(dot)com. 


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