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May 27, 2012 by k. liz

1. Blog: Really enjoyed this post about working with difficult students by Vladimira Michalkova. (And again, another little push to check out itdi.pro which has lots of posts and resources, and it looks like some new things coming soon as well!!)

2. News: Very interesting news story here regarding the Bible in British schools. What do you think? I definitely have some thoughts on the article. Comment below with yours, and perhaps I’ll write a post on this for next week sometime.

3: Link: First of all, I really recommend the Stitcher Radio app if you have any apple product. Stitcher lets you listen to radio and podcasts on demand and basically is just super nice and easy to use (and free!) But, then I would like to recommend that you download the NPR TED Radio Hour podcast. I have definitely spoken about TED on this blog before, the TED Radio Hour podcast is great because it takes you a little more in depth by having interviews with the TED speakers regarding their topic, as well as combines three or four talks on a similar topic and linking them together to give you a fuller understanding of the issue at hand. I can see these podcasts being great for you, as a teacher, to grow in your thinking, but also for upper intermediate or advanced students. The topics are always interesting, and the language is manageable for an upper level student.

4: Quote: thanks to Pinterest.


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