Weekend Wrap-Up

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June 3, 2012 by k. liz

1. Blog: I really wish that I had found this blog earlier! This lady is in the same type of position that I was all year, only it sounds like their PYP program is run a little differently, and perhaps more effectively than ours! I loved the way she shared candidly how things worked in her classes and the progress that her students are making.

2. News: Here is an interesting news story on the beginning of what sounds like an interesting website and how it has grown and been used over the last two years. Worth a look!

3: Link: And since it’s worth a look . . . go ahead, check out figment. Take a few minutes to look around and brainstorm how your students could use this website. It looks pretty cool!!

4: Quote: thanks to Pinterest. Okay . . . I realize that Monday morning is coming, and this one just makes me laugh!! Enjoy, and have a great weekend!!


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