Tuesday Tricks: Reflection


June 5, 2012 by k. liz

This is my last week! It’s crazy. I’m all mixed up with emotions. I’m ecstatic, I’m getting anxious for our Senegal trip, and I’m sad all at the same time. I don’t know if I will ever see these little guys again! So . . . that has made for some unsure feelings. But, in all, I’m excited for the next steps in my teaching career. As I write this Tuesday post, I of course am thinking of endings, and something that I am not very good at as a teacher yet. This is something I would like to see myself improve in a lot! And that thing is reflection. I have mentioned on here before how much emphasis I put on objectives, and I do think that objectives are hugely important in the classroom, but I think that it is also crucial to work with feedback and reflection. These are not the easiest things to do, and they certainly can fall through the cracks with no one noticing. But, I think that to be truly successful they are really necessary for the teacher.

So, I will give you just a couple of brief examples for now – and perhaps I will expand on these in another post. Here are a few reflective questions to ask myself this year:

1. What did I do successfully as a teacher this year?

I was flexible and creative. I came up with a lot of new ideas and tried them with my students. I was able to adapt lessons as I went and that gave me the ability to think on my feet as a teacher and make up new activities for my students.

2. What could I have done better as a teacher this year?

I feel as though I was not very consistent or well planned. Though I think that spontaneity was a positive aspect of this year, it might have been at the cost of consistency, setting objectives, and making plans. That was difficult to deal with.

3. What was one of the best things about this year?

Working on character traits with my students and seeing them learn concepts instead of just words. It was really great when they got to the point that they started asking conceptual questions.

4. What was one of the worst things about this year?

Communication. I struggled to figure out how to do this best in my situation, and often I just guessed or made something up because I was too timid to go and ask and find out what was going on.

5. What do I need to work on to be better in the future?

Communication – being bold and taking charge of my classroom and situation.
Planning – being really adamant about always setting objectives like I always talk about.
Feedback – getting and using feedback more effectively.

So – how was your year?


One thought on “Tuesday Tricks: Reflection

  1. DAD says:

    You are an awesome teacher and I love you!!!!

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