Weekend Wrap-Up


June 23, 2012 by k. liz

1. Blog: This was a very interesting blog post from David Truss on our “Blurred Identity Lines”. Think about it, who are you online, and who are you in person? It is interesting how with the more technology that is available, the more those two people – online me, and real-life me, become the same and everything changes. Definitely worth the read!

2: News: Here is an article from the NY Times. I am not a supporter of casinos, but this article does leave me wishing there was another good way to raise money for the preservation of languages. This article reminded me of how interconnected our person and our language are. I can’t really imagine growing up with a language and losing it as an adult. This is a serious problem that we as native English-speaking people can’t ignore. We have it easy because our language is almost everywhere in the world. But for some people, their language is dying, and with it a part of them. What can we do to help this issue?
Another question that rises for me from this article is what reasons these tribes would have for not publishing their language? I am very curious on this point!

3: Link: I know that this kind of fits in the blog category as well, but there are a bunch, so I am including it as a link this week. If you teach any ESL students that are not adults (and maybe even if they are) then I would consider getting them involved on a site like this one. This is from National Geographic and is called the DogEared Book Blog. Kids are reading and reviewing books on this site, and there are also book of the month posts as well. I can see this being great for middle-high schoolers because the books seem to be upper elementary level (for native speakers.) With a site like this, you could have your students reading and reviewing books, or at least reading a book, and then responding to another student’s review on this website. Lots of possibilities! What would you do with it?

4: Quote: thanks to Pinterest (as usual!)


One thought on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. David Truss says:

    Thanks for sharing my post Kylie,
    It really is interesting how online identities have shifted from avatars, pseudonyms and alter-egos to extensions of ‘real’ people sharing even more of their true selves than they sometimes do in daily face-to-face interactions. It allows us to make connections around our interests and passions, regardless of geography. Exciting times! 🙂

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