Weekend Wrap-Up


July 7, 2012 by k. liz

1. Blog: As you are reading this, I am somewhere in transit to Senegal! That’s exciting. As that is the case, I thought that this post by Michael Trucano was particularly fitting as it addresses trends in ICT in developing countries. It’s definitely worth a look, especially as you think of the ways that we can connect with these countries because of growing technologies. Pretty awesome, if you ask me!

2. News: This is quite an interesting article by a high-school student. He is pushing for the abolishing of grades. Now, I will commend him for giving other solutions and offering examples of how to fix the problem, but I am not totally sure that I completely agree with all of his remarks. I do agree with his proposition that students come to school ready to learn, and all too often schools extinguish that desire by making other things priority over learning. So, I understand that what he is trying to do is to maintain students’ desires to learn. But, we still have to keep in mind that we are preparing a generation for the real world. So, how do we reconcile these two parts? I think that there must be a balance. I think that it is possible to engage with students, ignite their desire to learn, and lessen the focus on grades – but I think that possibly in the world we live in, that grade mark might still be a necessity. Definitely a thought-provoking article!!

3. Link: Hm, this is pretty interesting! Here is a link to a scholarship opportunity to be a part of IATEFL 2013. Check it out!!

4. Quote: from sweetandlovelythings.tumblr.com


One thought on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Hi there
    I especially like choices 1 & 3. Have a good time in Senegal!

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