Back to School: Student Accommodations


August 29, 2012 by k. liz

Schools around the world have already started or are gearing up to begin a brand new school year. Moms are sending their little ones off for the first time; high schoolers are anticipating a new year of academics, friends, and drama; college students are leaving home, possibly for the first time ever to start pursuing their desired career path; teachers are nervously anticipating what students will be in their classes and how things will come together.

I love this time of year! But it is also busy and hectic and can become stressful with a lot of choices that need to be made regarding everything that has to do with this academic world. I have seen a lot going on in the Internet world regarding places to go for school supplies, blogs and websites with ideas for beginning the year well, but I’d like to add another aspect into the mix. Housing.

Obviously this is directed towards university and graduate students, since most of the rest of you already have this taken care of. But it is a big deal. When choosing a University, a lot of the choice comes down to quality of education, cost, or location. My guess is that accommodation is not generally a driving factor in one’s choice of school. However, once the school has been chosen, accommodation is a very real and present need!

I’ve come across a student housing option  for Australian students that looks like a real winner. I am not in Australia (sadly, though I’d love to be!) and I am not a University student (though I often miss being one!). But I will say that this would be a very good contender of student accommodations were I looking for one. Urbanest  has student housing for students studying in or near Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide. Here are a couple of reasons I would suggest checking them out:

  • hip, cool, modern environment
  • options (you can choose between just a room to an apartment that accommodates up to 10 people to a private studio apartment)
  • there are a lot of amenities including a social area, BBQ area, large screen TV, laundry, a gaming area, and more!
  • the prices are reasonable (ranging from $175-$479)

So, if you are one of those Australian students looking for a place to live as you embark on this new semester, you should definitely check out Urbanest’s accommodation for Sydney students! You can visit the site for more information and contact the general offices if you are interested in renting an apartment.

For the rest of you, let me know in the comments below what your accommodations look like this year. I have just finished moving into my new apartment, and I’m excited for the school year to actually start!


This article is written for, a company that provides affordable and comfortable student housing for University students in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.


One thought on “Back to School: Student Accommodations

  1. Grace Nolan says:

    I think that this time of year is really exciting as well as nerve wrecking for lots of people. I think that teenagers first realise that they’re students when they move into there university accommodation and are out in the world on their own for the first time. The hard part about getting student accommodation is that your not the only one looking for a place to live, so you have to move fast and find a place that you’re going to be happy with living in for the next year!

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