Back to School: Goals

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September 3, 2012 by k. liz

So, my plans for heading back to school today got a little rearranged, so I have a couple of extra days to work with! If you’ve been reading this blog long, you know that I love making goals. I don’t always meet all of them, but I love to make them – they give me something to work towards and a sense of satisfaction when I can accomplish them. So, I thought I’d share a couple of goals I have for this new school year. What are yours?

1. Develop my teaching ability: I have been thinking about this lately. I really want to be the kind of teacher that you don’t even want to take notes from. I want to be a good story-teller that makes students learn without realizing that they are. So, I want to develop in that area.

2. Be more organized: I think that this will forever be a goal of mine! I always feel like I am not quite there on my organization as a teacher. But, I do think that I can improve! Do you have any organization tips for teaching?

3. Get better at preparing: My first year teaching at the level I am teaching at this year, I would sometimes spend hours on a single lesson plan. Now that I am working through grad school while teaching, that is not going to be feasible!! So, I want to get better at streamlining my lesson planning and being comfortable with my knowledge of how to construct a lesson.

4. Blog better and interact more: I love blogging, I really do. But right now it is not at the very top of my priority list. That being said, I do want to continue to grow this to be something that is top-notch, and along with that, I’d like to start interacting with all of you a little more!

5. Not stress 🙂 Yeah. That’ll be the day!! haha.

What about you? What are your goals? How do you plan on achieving them? Do you have any tips for me?


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