Doing GOOD in Education


September 28, 2012 by k. liz

I love finding good educational resources, and I also love reading stories about people who are creating their own. I’ve shared on here before about Dave Egger’s Once Upon a School project in which he helps kids after school develop in their writing and school skills. I want to share another project that I came across this morning.

There is a website called GOOD that publishes daily on positive things that are happening in the world. Today, one of the headlines was about a group of young adults who travel and put on concerts for children at underprivileged schools. The “Hall Pass Tour” involves students in planning and preparing for the concert (as well as uses some of the talented students for the opening of the concert). They then invite indie artists who have been to college to perform for the students and use the time to encourage students to pursue higher education and to motivate them in their studies. The idea came about because often students are discouraged from pursuing education in arts although that may be their strength. Arts tend to be looked down on by those in the academic community, although as people, we would sorely miss the arts were they absent from society.


I think this is an awesome idea, and I think that it is something that we should and probably will see as a growing trend in the next decade. Empowering students where they are able and assisting them where they struggle is of utmost importance.

How do you encourage students in the arts in your classes?


2 thoughts on “Doing GOOD in Education

  1. Maya says:

    Hi Kylie, what you have found sounds really interesting. when I was teaching kids, I used to have an after school theatre class and I used to used to adapt fairy tails so that we have a role for everyone 🙂 It was so much fun and we always held a performance at the end of the school year the number of students in that class was multiplying every next year to an extent that we had to divide the class into two groups 🙂 Eventually, two kids (now grown-up people) went to the arts academy for their future education and two more went to the music academy and they all were so so so talented in my humble opinion 🙂 It was such a great time for me when I could have such extracurricular activities.
    I am somehow wondering how we can motivate young adults……So far I have not found a way to push their artistic button and make them look at studying into a more entertaining and creative way. Still looking for ideas – any to share 🙂

    • k. liz says:


      I am with you in finding a way to find their creativity and utilize it in the classroom!! It might take a little while, but hopefully we will find it. 🙂 Please share if you find any ideas, and I will do the same!!

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