Have you ever . . . ? Present Perfect Activity

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October 31, 2012 by k. liz

We are studying present perfect this week. So far, everything has been going well. Here are some of the activities that I have used in my classroom this week.

1. I played a round of “Sit down if you have . . .” I came up with the statements for the first round, and then let the students come up with them for the second round. This meant that they were not always using the structure correctly, but I let it go as it was the warmer stage.

2. I elicited some sentences on the board with some of the good sentences they had used in the game.

3. I used this Present Perfect powerpoint to go through some of the time details of the present perfect tense.*

SIDE NOTE: I have found it necessary to go over some specifics with the students such as the difference between “have got” and “have + verb 3.” We have also spent a lot of time clarifying different time expressions such as for/since, just/already, and ever/yet. If you need any ideas for dealing with these structures, leave a note in the comments below!

4. Today I played a game with the students that I found over on tefl.net. I used this slide to set up the instructions:

Half of the students brainstormed questions that they expected I would say “Yes I have” to. The other half (and admittedly this was the harder part) were brainstorming questions that they thought I haven’t done. It ended up being quite a fun game, and each student practiced speaking in the present perfect tense.

I have stumbled across quite a few other games on the internet, but I haven’t tried any of them yet. I am planning on having my students do a poster contest for the present perfect on Friday. Yes, they are University students, but they need some creative activities, and they seem to enjoy things like this when it is only once and a while. What are your ideas? How do you teach present perfect in your classes? Leave them in the comments below!!

*I have been really using and enjoying Michael Swan and Catherine Walter’s Oxford English Grammar Course: Basic where several of the examples and ideas come from in my powerpoint.


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