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November 17, 2012 by k. liz

So, I’ve stumbled across some really great materials this week, and I’m excited to share them all with you!! (Along with some other not so classroom things!)

1. Fall Party!! I invited my two classes of students and some other friends over to our house on Friday night, and it was an awesome time! We really enjoyed being together outside of the classroom. I was kinda surprised, though, when 38 people showed up!!

2. Awesome website and classroom tool: Socrative. Might have a post on this soon.

3. Englishclub: this is a great website for reading and speaking prompts. Check it out! I especially like the one on “What’s in a Name?” 

4. This is a fairly cool Youtube channel, and I think that it could be useful for ESL classes. I am going to use the video about Illegal Baby Names from this channel along with the “What’s in a Name?” activity I just referenced.

5. I played around with this website again and wrote a story with one of my students. It’s a pretty awesome 1-on-1 resource.

6. This site has a bunch of great beautiful games and activities. I used The Paper Game today with some private lessons to practice present simple. I’m hoping to use a couple others this week as we review for the end of module exam, too!

7. 4 on a Couch: Great bilingual party game!!

8. Caramel Corn!!

9. Random dates . . . and being thankful. 

10. Modals 🙂



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