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December 15, 2012 by k. liz

Last year, I wrote about 10 ways to incorporate Christmas into your language classroom. This year, I’m going to show you 10 sites and/or apps that I think would be good to use with your language students. Let me know in the comments where you look for Christmas ideas!!

10. Some of the following ideas are from this site, but if you’re stuck, there is a host of ready-made activities to use in your classroom from this page. Hope they are helpful!! Now, here are some of my favorites (from here and elsewhere.)

9. Here is a link to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. You can listen to or read the story with your students.

8. Here is a generated list of discussion questions that can be used with upper level classes. I think one of the best ways to use this is to allow students to do some internet searching and see what they can find about Christmas first, and then spend time discussing the questions here.

7. I’ve posted about this website before – EnglishClub.com. There are several articles, discussions, and more regarding Christmas that would work well for upper level classes.

6. There are A LOT of ideas and resources on this page. I thought that the Loop activity was really interesting. This could be a great speaking activity, even for older students.

5. There are a few Christmas related stories on Wacky Web Tales. I like doing this to reinforce parts of speech and relate it to grammar, but the kids love it because they are writing crazy stories.

4. I found an interesting site here. There is a picture dictionary, some online activities, and some printable activities. Looks great for young learners to learn some Christmas vocabulary.

3. This website has a lot of free downloadable interactive stories. There are several Christmas ones available now, and the students can not only play games in the app and manipulate different parts of the pictures, but they can also record their voice reading the story. This is great for reviewing pronunciation and understanding.

2. Youtube. I’m a big youtube fan. You can easily find good Christmas input here.

1. I have been really loving the British Council’s LearnEnglishKids website recently. There are some really great Christmas activities for younger learners on here! (Here is one I’ve already used successfully!)


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