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February 19, 2013 by k. liz

You all know about my friend, Aaron, over at The Everyday Language Learner, right? If you don’t, then you should probably close this window and open his immediately, especially if you are either a language learner or teacher! Aaron has a whole slew of great ideas and activities on his blog that will help give guidance to a language teacher (speaking from experience), and he also gives a lot of great tips and strategies for self-taught language learners (or at least intrinsically motivated language learners!) For one more day, he is even giving away his e-book “Activities and Strategies for Everyday Language Learners” for free! All you have to do is pay with a tweet and download your copy. It is really a great volume, too. Let me give you a quick overview:

First of all, Aaron explains some background tips, ideas, and encouragement and motivation for language learning. He has some interesting ideas that you probably haven’t heard before, as well as just some solid grounding for typical language learning ventures such as learning in a language school and tools you need for personal learning.

Next, Aaron goes into tips and strategies for different kinds of learning scenarios. He has a section on personal, lesson, and community learning. Each section includes not only some grounding ideas and thoughts, but also tangible and manageable activities that you can implement for yourself. I’m especially interested in looking at the “lesson time” section in more depth to see what tips and ideas I can steal for my own classroom!! Aaron often refers to lessons as private, or one-on-one situations, but at the same time, there are definitely a lot of good things for language teachers to ruminate on. Not only can we get a glimpse of a language learning journey from a learner, but we can also utilize some of the ideas that he has found to be successful and see if our own students respond in a similar way.

This book is free only until tomorrow, February 20th, so you have to go and download it now!! You won’t be disappointed!

While you’re at it, you should definitely check out Aaron’s other free booklet Sustaining and his Language Learning Guides (check out the link to this store in my sidebar!!)

What’s your favorite idea from Aaron’s book? Leave it in the comments below!! I personally really like chapter 10’s idea of a “fartlek” especially because it fits well with where I am in my own language learning journey. I look forward to hearing your favorite parts!!


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