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June 27, 2013 by k. liz

Can I start with a little rant? I am getting so tired of keeping so many websites straight!! And, you have to have a username and password for 75% of them, and you have to pay or upload files to access materials on 50% of them, and I can never keep them straight . . . and on and on and on. It’s kind of been getting on my nerves!!

On top of that, my private lessons have been picking up, so I have more lessons that I need to prepare for without curriculum. So, I thought I’d share some things that I have really been enjoying and appreciating lately that are quality and free. (And most of them you don’t need a password or username!! yay!!)

My top resources at the moment:

1. – this is a great website for teaching older students. There are tons of news stories that have been graded for English learners and paired with a lot of activities. There are warmers, discussion questions, grammar and vocabulary exercises, articles to read, and listening. It’s a very comprehensive site, and you can download all of the materials for free!!

2. – I will admit that I don’t always like everything I find on eslflow, BUT it is always free, and you can find a lot of different worksheets to pair with whatever topic or skill you are working on.

3. – I’ve posted about this website several times before. They also have a kids and teens section, as well as a site for teachers. I go back and forth with this one, sometimes I love the materials, and sometimes I get tired, because most of the materials are similar. But, they are definitely great for working with kids!!

4. – I love the materials on this site. They are really great. There are a couple that you have to subscribe for, but nearly all of them are free – great graphics, great content, fun ideas. I used some of them with my YLs yesterday, and they really enjoyed them. These are the kind of materials that students enjoy and forget that they are working.

5. Heckerty – I was trying to find a good interactive story for my iPad yesterday to use with my students, because they really enjoy using the iPad in their lessons, and the computer is just less personal (in my opinion.) I ended up really liking the story. What was great about the story was that as the students were reading, if they didn’t know a word, the only had to tap the word and it was read to them. There is no dictionary aspect, but that’s why I’m there! This helped with their speaking and pronunciation, plus the pictures are interactive, and they overall enjoyed reading it. Perhaps I will work on some follow up activities at some point in the future. I definitely hope that they continue to create the Heckerty stories for iPad, because I think that this could be a great tool, especially for one-on-one lessons!!


What are you using in your small group or individual lessons? What are your go-to websites?


One thought on “One-on-One Resources

  1. Mark Armstrong says:

    Thanks a lot for the links, especially Breaking News. It’s something I can put to use right away in my classes. Keep up the good work!

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