Weekend Wrap-Up: 1/18

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January 17, 2014 by k. liz

Yes, yes, folks {I don’t actually say folks}. The Weekend Wrap-Up series is back! In these posts I like to share five links and some short thoughts on those links that are in some way {hopefully} related to education. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!

1. How Spelling Mistakes and Bad E-mail Etiquette Can Help You Get Ahead by Kevin Roose – This is an extremely interesting article! When I first saw it, something inside of me cringed, like, is this where we really are as a society? Is my aversion to bad grammar and text-speak going to set me back in my goals and pursuits? Roose doesn’t provide too much opinion in this piece, but he does end it with some ideas on when and how to implement your poor grammar and spelling in order to catch a potential employer or partner’s eye. I think this would be a phenomenal piece to use in a lesson with University students. I’d love to hear their opinions on the matter. Some discussion questions for this topic:

  • Does this makes them {students} feel more positive or more nervous about writing e-mails and cover letters.
  • Are we as teachers doing them a disservice by teaching the formal method of writing?
  • What does this trend say about today’s business world?
  • Do you think that this trend will continue, or is it a short-lived phenomenon?

2. The Million “My Word for 2014” Posts by Everyone! – Have you seen these? This is not even in the realm of education, just lifestyle, but I was thinking this morning about how positive this concept could be for our students. To take a lesson at the beginning of a new term, year, unit, etc. and have them choose a word. It reminds me of my high school vocab teacher who made us have “word babies” that we took care of those words, got to know them as well as possible, and then presented them to the class. There a tons of activities that we could do with students if we had them choose a word. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have them utilize that word in every assignment they turn in.
  • Have them create a collage/video that represents their word.
  • Have them mull on the word for several weeks before writing a responsive piece as to why that word is special to them.

If you need some examples to study in the classroom with your students, here are a few words that others have adopted for 2014: freedom, purpose, action. (Do you have a word for 2014?)

3. 11 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Teaching Reading by John Spencer – This was a really great, simply put article on facts about teaching reading that it is super easy to forget. As teachers, I think we {I do anyway, sorry to lump you all in!} sometimes feel like we need more extravagant lesson plans to be better teachers, when really we need to get students to own their work and learning, need them to be able to see their own weaknesses and how to improve them, and need to foster an understanding that these are life skills, not just school skills. I especially liked John’s 3rd point of letting students focus on what to work on. Overall, just a really great reminder – totally applicable for the second language classroom!!

4. Let’s Do Something Awesome by . . . me – Can I put myself in here? I’ve heard from one teacher so far some thoughts on morals/values in the classroom. I’ll be writing a follow-up post next week, but I’d love to hear some of your comments!! Head on over to the post and use the form to email me your thoughts!! You’ll be featured in my post next week!!

5. Have you seen this commercial? Cracks me up every time!! Thoughts, language teachers?


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