Weekend Wrap Up: 1/24


January 24, 2014 by k. liz

Happy Friday Friends!! Here’s a few posts and ideas you shouldn’t miss from this week!

"Waiting for Superman"

1. Roles and Responsibilities by Debbie – I liked this post because 1) I loved Waiting for Superman, every teacher should watch it, and 2) because I thought Debbie’s ideas melded well with my post from yesterday on Values in the Classroom, so she expanded my own thinking in a new direction.

2. 7 Thoughts on Blogging by Anna – It is a new year, and there are a plethora of posts out there on new resolutions, and since there are so many bloggers out there, there are lots of posts right now on why we blog and how it helps us. This is one I really liked because it was linked to educational blogging as opposed to blogging for a living. So, if you blog, why do you blog? How does it help you?

3. How Does Blogging Help You to be a Better Teacher? by Dave Dodgson – And quite related, though a little different and a little more broadly applied is another article on how blogging improves us as teachers. I totally agree with Dave’s thoughts on blogging and reflection, and just changing/shaping the way we think as teachers. It really does make a difference!

IMG_16454. Gambia: ‘Speaking English Should Not be Limited to Students, Schools Alone’ by Yunus Saliu – This was an interesting article. I have not yet been to Gambia, but I have a friend who is from Gambia (whose English is amazingly good!) so I was interested in this. I have mixed feelings on the comments made in this article. If we want language to be fully integrated and learned well, then it does make sense to expand it to the rest of life, not just the English classroom, especially because then it is only a school subject. However, do we want promote English learning to the point that we decrease native culture and language? The fact that a lot of the problems being faced are attributed to code-mixing is another interesting point. How can we promote English as a language, that does not degrade or steal from the native language, but does not conform to the native language? Is English the snob of world languages?

5. Want to Really Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions? Try This. by Carolyn Cutrone – I mentioned using New Year’s Resolutions in class last week, and this is another take on the topic. I came across this article while perusing the internet, and I thought it would be a fun one to do a classroom project around. Grouping students, why not have them select several apps that could help with New Year’s Resolutions (such as the ones listed in the article, and maybe a few more.) Have the students create a rubric by which to ‘grade’ the app, give them a couple of weeks to test it out, and then have them write their own reviews on the apps and what they learned (or didn’t) from using them. Would you try this in your classroom?


One thought on “Weekend Wrap Up: 1/24

  1. annloseva says:

    Thanks for the mention, Kylie!
    Blog on, we’re loving it and living it)

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