Why I Blog . . . Some Rambling Thoughts


January 29, 2014 by k. liz

profileI’ve written posts like this before. But, after posting two posts on my Weekend Wrap-Up about the topic, and talking with Anna a bit about the topic, I decided I would share my thoughts on blogging too. Anna particularly mentioned being curious about how and why I blog on two blogs. If you’re new here, I’ll let you know that I also have a lifestyle blog where I write book reviews and posts on life in general, not related to education.

My husband and I kind of laugh, because as hard as I try to grow my other blog, and keep this one for my own personal development as a teacher, this is the one that gets more pageviews and followers by far. And, you know what? I take that as a good sign, because maybe that means that I’ve found the right thing for me. I love education, and everything related to education, and this blog helps me maintain that and grow that.

Both Anna and Dave talked about blogs being a great source of reflection, and we know that reflection is crucial for a teacher. Without reflection, we will not be able to see what we’re doing right or wrong and adjust accordingly. When I was teaching, I loved using my blog as a source of reflection, it would help me both before and after and during the lesson to think about how I would be able to share this. If the lesson wasn’t worth anything on my blog, was it worth something to my students? I realize that every lesson does not need to be amazingly cool and something I want to blog about, but every lesson should have fundamental elements and should be trying to help students grow in their language learning, and thus should align with things that I hope my blog also aligns with. Blogging also made me sit down after a lesson and critically think about what was positive and what was negative.

On a practical side, my blog has turned into a file of sorts of lessons that I liked and resources I’ve used. In this way, I’ve been able to look back and remember lessons that I really enjoyed but had forgotten about, and when I can’t find a resource, I can often search on my own blog and find the link again.

However, I’d like to add another dimension of blogging based on my own situation right now. I’m not currently teaching. I plan to be in September of 2014, but for now I’m getting ready to have a baby and spending more time at home. Blogging pushes me to not get lazy as an educator. Blogging forces me to stay up on trends and news in the educational world. By blogging, I don’t completely lose touch with the educational world, and it keeps my passion and excitement alive. Also, just because I’m not actively teaching does not mean that I can’t contribute to the ELT world. By reading others’ blogs and thinking through them, I’m still able to share ideas and lesson plans that I have on here. I sometimes feel like it is harder to blog now, because the majority of my time is not immersed in an educational atmosphere, but I still love this space, and I still love interacting with other teachers through it.

So I would have to say, in summary, that my top three reasons for educational blogging are:

  1. Discipline to stay active in the educational realm both through personal reading and thinking as well as interacting with peers.
  2. Creating an online portfolio of resources and thoughts on educational issues.
  3. Reflection on my own teaching practices (when I’m actively teaching).

My other blog, on the other hand, is more of a hobby (even if I post more over there.) My reasons (now that I try to think about them) seem a lot more superficial than my educational blogging, even though in the long term, I would like to earn money by blogging with my other blog. I blog because it’s a cool and popular thing to do right now. I blog because I want to share parts of my life, and I’m looking for that same community/interaction, that I look for with this blog. I blog because, now that I’m not working, it gives me a sense of responsibility and satisfaction to do things with words on the internet.

So, that’s my rambly post on why I blog. Do you blog? Why do you blog? If you blog, leave your blog address in the comments section, and I’ll share your blog on a future post!!


One thought on “Why I Blog . . . Some Rambling Thoughts

  1. annloseva says:

    This was such a pleasant surprise for me here, Kylie) Thanks for caring to answer questions which do not look particularly important in such a blogging way!

    I love this word in your reasons – discipline. This is something I need to be learning.
    I love this line – “I blog because it’s a cool and popular thing to do right now.”=))

    I wish you best of luck with all of your initiatives! I”ll be watching this space.)

    Cheers from Moscow

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