Weekend Wrap-Up

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March 21, 2014 by k. liz

Happy Weekend, Friends!! Sorry I’ve not been posting much during the week. I’ve been working on some other projects that I’m excited to share with you in the next few months {one being a baby!} But, without further ado, here are my weekend finds for you:

1. Global EdCon: I went to a meet-up event this week to help network for EDGE Institute {we’re working on a new website, by the way! I’d love your input!} Anyways, I learned about this pretty awesome online conference that is hosted once a year. The focus is global education, and there are five days worth of material . . . you should just check it out, because it’s a lot of material! And the best thing is that it is all archived so you can go back and listen to things later that will help you in your classroom!

linkdwobg2. Call for Papers: If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’m in the process of starting my own language institute. Well, the first “public” piece of EDGE is going to be LINK’d, our semi-academic e-zine for educators around the world. I’m getting pretty excited for it, and right now there is a Call for Papers out on our website. So . . . let me know!

3. #TwitterisbBlockedinTurkey: You all know that I have lived in Turkey for three years, so this is some pretty big news coming out. So much has been going on in Turkey over the last year, and I’m curious how this discussion would pan out in the classroom. Some starter questions to get kids talking:

  • How would blocking Twitter affect you?
  • Do you think blocking Twitter will fix the problems of a society?
  • Are there any positives to blocking Twitter?
  • How would you respond if Twitter was blocked in your country?

4. Answering the Dreaded “So What Do You Do?” Question: This was an interesting article on how to present yourself as you are trying to figure out who you are and what you want to be in the future not just the now. It definitely resonated with me as I am working on branding myself as the Educational Director of EDGE Institute which doesn’t mean a ton at the moment, but I need it to. So, I am wondering how this might influence you, or perhaps how we can use it in the classroom for discussion.

5. Allegiant Review: I’ve mentioned before that I read a lot and blog reviews. I had written a post a couple of months ago on why I like Dystopian Literature for the ESL classroom. Well, here is a review of Allegiant by Veronica Roth (you can also find reviews for the first two books as well.) You might find this helpful if you are hoping or planning to recommend these books to your students!

Have a great weekend!!


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