Weekend Wrap-Up

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April 4, 2014 by k. liz

Thanks for your patience, all! It is much appreciated in these last few weeks of incubating a human. But I’m still here today with the weekend wrap-up and five things to share with you! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying spring, hopefully, wherever you are!

1. And Thereby Hangs a Taleby Jeffrey Archer: I am always looking for books to use with English students, and this might be one that works! I avoid graded readers with my adult students, but am always trying to find something that is manageable for them to read and not make them feel completely hopeless. This book is a collection of short stories, and Archer has a really nice, easy-going style. My student and I read one of these this last week, and she understood it fairly easily and it was an enjoyable story.

2. Breaking News English: I know that I’ve shared this before, but I really do use this a lot with my adult students, and just this last week I used the mini-lessons for the first time. I really liked the layout. It was very aesthetically appealing, but it was also a bit more navigable and manageable for my student. So, that was fun.

3. Call for Papers: Self-promotion again!! Are you a teacher or a student interested in education? This is a great opportunity for you to get some writing experience. We are publishing an online e-zine for teachers around the world starting in May – granted we can get enough submissions to print! So, please send this on to any teacher friends you have, and get your submissions in! This is an awesome opportunity for exposure and collaboration!

4. easel.ly: I’ve written before about the benefits of using infographics in the classroom. I saw a really beautiful infographic this morning that reminded me of that, but as I looked at it, I realized it was way too intense for an ESL class, and I didn’t see how it would really be relevant to a class topic. That’s when I thought, having students create infographics in class could be a great way to have them organize information. Easel.ly is a great site for creating infographics. And it’s free! So, if you have a creative class, send them over here and give them a topic to create a useful infographic on. Let’s see what our students are able to produce!

5. I wrote this post last week, and here is a quote from the book that inspired it:




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