Fire-breathing, Google & Other Marketable Skills

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July 16, 2014 by k. liz

This is me, peeking my head out of my little hole and seeing how the world is going over here in the educational blogosphere. Everyone surviving? Thriving? My Bug and I have been enjoying summer and with it the birth of new babies, travel plans, launching our school, visiting old friends and making new ones. Hope you’ve been enjoying at least one of those as well! 


Webucator asked me to participate in their blog campaign to share what I think is the most valuable marketable skill for entering the workforce. Since I’m a teacher, I’m gearing this post to all you future teachers out there. Or current teachers. Or people who are interested in teaching. Read on.

Naturally, I hear ‘marketable skill’ and I think ‘fire-breathing.’ Would that skill not revolutionize your classroom? I mean, seriously, this man needed nothing more to completely capture my attention and interest when he did this over two years ago. 

Seriously, though, since fire-breathing is not really my thing, and I’ve not found an affordable class in my area, what are the marketable skills that a teacher needs when he or she enters the workforce? {This is really hard to narrow down, and I was going to go the passion, compassion, and ethics route, but then decided to go with something that might be a bit more helpful for upcoming teachers.} 

I would say that teachability in advancing technologies, not to mention existing technologies, is a huge asset to an incoming teacher. In hiring a teacher to work at our school, I would like to know that I am hiring someone that knows how to use Google, has a Twitter account, and is at least open to trying blogging. Why? Let me give a little run-down. 

Common sense. I want a teacher that can solve problems in a fairly self-sufficient way. That does not mean that I’m not available to help or hash out real issues, but I want a teacher that is going to be able to figure out the difference between past perfect and past perfect progressive on their own. I want a teacher who can find their own solution for getting permanent ink off of a white board. {Because, chances are, if you come and ask me, I’m going to google it anyway, and probably you can interpret Google responses just as well as I can!

Personal development. This is one of the biggest things that I wish I would have been taught before I started teaching. I was teaching for half a year before I realized the support system that the world of Twitter and Blogs offered to me as a young, isolated, teacher. I want a teacher that is integrated into these worlds so that they can constantly challenge, push, and improve themselves as a teacher. There is always something new to learn, and always someone new to connect with. 

Modernizer. If I can find a teacher that is teachable in advancing and existing technologies, then I know that I have a teacher who will help my organization run efficiently and meet the needs of the modern student population. Does every school need to be outfitted with smart boards and the latest software? No. But if my school is, do you need to be able to use it and adapt. Most likely yes. I don’t want my school or students to suffer because a teacher is unwilling {or unable} to try new technologies, when we have determined that they are advantageous to our purpose. 

So, even though if you met me in person you might hear me bemoan the fact that technology is kind of taking over our lives, I still believe it is an important skill to have if you want to be successful in today’s world. Teachability {in all aspects, but specifically technology} is a huge asset to have in a new teacher. Never assume you know it all, but be confident in your ability to learn it all. 

What skills do you think are essential in a new teacher? 


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