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August 26, 2014 by k. liz

People, we are down to the last few days here! EDGE Institute is hosting an Open House on Saturday, and starting classes in less than two weeks! How exciting! This is a dream coming to fruition. 

So, I’ve been starting to collect some tools to use in private and small group lessons. And I would love to hear what your favorite tools are to use in the classroom! Please leave your thoughts down below! 

1. Rory’s Story Cubes: I now have all three main sets of these awesome little dice. Essentially, they are sets of dice with pictures on each side. I’m really excited to start using these for brainstorming, speaking games, writing inspiration, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

2. Redhouse Idiom Cards: {I didn’t realize that these were a Turkish product!} I picked up these flash cards with pictures to explain all kinds of English idioms. They have a picture on one side, and then a definition and sample sentence on the back. I’m excited to have these to help explain all those idioms that just don’t make sense for second language learners. 

3. Chat Pack: I am pretty sure that I mentioned these before, but I really like these, especially for private lessons. 

4. White boards: I picked up a couple of these smaller white boards last week and am looking forward to using them for competition, or write and show activities. I think that they are really going to come in handy!

A couple of other things that I love to have in my back pocket are: playing cards, dice, poker chips, and a ball. 

So . . . what are your tools of the trade? What things do you find yourself using all the time, or what inventive products have you picked up to use in the classroom? 


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