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I’m just a girl living with my best friend, who happens to be my husband, in an awesome part of the world teaching English! I want to share my thoughts, my ideas, the funny things my students say . . . I want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions . . . I love reading, writing, watching intelligent TV, learning, adventuring, discovering, traveling, teaching, playing basketball, playing ping-pong, playing word games . . . and I love ellipses. I serve a really big God, and He has changed my life. I want to make a difference because He has made a difference for me. This life is a pretty big story, and I’m just a word in the story . . .

I grew up in PA with an awesome family, and went to University in Wisconsin. I graduated with a degree in Cross-Cultural Education. I also completed my CELTA certification in Denver, Colorado. Up to date, I have taught elementary students in Reading, PA, tutored a high school student from Hong Kong, taught high school students and adults in Senegal, West Africa, taught an international group of adults in Denver, CO,  taught a year of University Prep School in southeastern Turkey, and am now teaching kindergarten in Istanbul, as well as completing my Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics.

I’d love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Me :-)

  1. piglet says:

    Hey I love yr website. Some great ideas. I teach English in High school in Jerusalem not so very far away. You have some really brilliant materials!

    • kylieliz says:

      Thanks a lot!! Hope this turns out to be helpful for you! And hope your teaching is going well. I’m sure that’s a fascinating place to teach!! Have a great day!

  2. Jan Pearce says:

    Hello! This is Mrs. Pearce from Thanks so much for commenting on my recent post and mentioning it on your own blog! I look forward to following yours as well.

  3. Sarah says:

    I just started following your blog and am enjoying discovering that we are somewhat similar! (At least in the “young” and “EL” departments.) 🙂 I look forward to reading about your happenings in Turkey and hope to be able to use some of them stateside!

  4. sorealtonight says:

    Great work! As a Minnesotan keep up the great work!

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